Wireless Bluetooth Headset Binaural In-ear Mini Touch


  • Equipped with IPX7 water-resistant cover that can 100% withstand sweat and water
  • Perfect for outdoor sports and water-related sports, the earbuds can be submerged under water
  • Furnished with Bluetooth v5.0 that transmits high quality music efficiently for up to 10 meters away
  • Payback time: 5-6 hours (music and calls), Standby
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Touch Headphones Wireless Earbuds

Hear music and enjoy high-quality audio wherever you run with these helpful smaller than usual wireless headphones. Ideal for everywhere use, these remote wireless headphones are ideal for work, travel, relaxation, and fun activities. Touch capacitive in function, these earphones enable the client to manipulate and control the device with just a single tap. Besides, the gadget additionally has a built-in mic to answer calls and provide voice commands. It works for all Bluetooth equipped gadgets. You can use the majority of your home and mobile electronics. Along these lines, you can make your life simpler by having this incredible gadget with you always.

Innovative Technology

Engineered with Bluetooth 5.0 innovation, these remote earphones are made more grounded than ever. They can receive and transmit signals for up to 10 meters or 33 feet away. It includes a Hi-Fi sound system that produces high-grade sound quality. These headphones are surely in for the long haul. Made from IPX7 water-proof casing, these headphones can withstand water and sweat. You can even use them while swimming. Perfect for almost all types of sports activities, the gadget will without a doubt cater to your needs. Also, the headphones have advanced touch control systems that can be triggered with a series of taps to play, pause, skip, go back and adjust the volume.

Ergonomic Design and Water and Sweat-Resistant

Resistant to both sweat and water, these smaller than expected headphones fit cozily around the ears. It has an ergonomic structure with the goal that the gadget fits flawlessly around the ears. They fit consummately, and they do not easy dislodge with sudden movements. So you can utilize it helpfully notwithstanding when working out, moving or going without the dread of ejecting or losing it. Likewise, the gadget is impervious to water and can be submerged. It is perfect for swimming and water-related sports activities. Ideal for outdoor use, you can utilize these Bluetooth headphones under any climate condition. Superbly incredible, the gadget can work for as long as 5-6 hours of persistent use. The set additionally comes with a charging case that can helpfully recharge your headphones multiple times even while you are on the move.


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