Magnetic Sports Bluetooth Headset


  • Fits snugly inside the ears and does not easily dislodge, perfect for sports, home, and office use
  • Includes microphone functions that can take and answer calls immediately without touching your phone
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High-Quality Sound

Capable of producing stereo-quality sounds, these headset Bluetooth earphones will certainly provide crystal clear music and sound quality without background noises. With this top-notch device, you can begin to appreciate high-quality sounds even on the bus, bustling and extremely loud city streets. Ergonomic in structure, these earphones do not include a jack. The wire goes straight from one end of the earbud to another end of the earbud. This convenient headset can easily hang around your neck. It makes it easy for you and does not disrupt your arms and face when running or performing activities. The earbuds feature a magnetic element that connects both ends and lock them together when not in use.

Bluetooth Compatibility

These single-wired earphones feature strong compatibility between a wide range of Bluetooth devices regardless of the model or brand. The earbuds on this headset feature a silicone suction that snugly fits inside your ear. It makes it hard to dislodge the headset even with constant and sudden movements. Equipped with the most recent in Bluetooth technology, the device can also connect to two mobile devices at the same time. Besides, the invention is rechargeable in three different ways. You can compare it on your computer using a data cable. You can also use a charging adapter or a car charger. The headset includes a working microphone with additional buttons that can rapidly answer and take calls even if you were listening to music before that.

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