Magic L31 Stereo Headphones


  • Ideal for music and sporty lovers, enjoy your music anytime and anywhere
  • Waterproof and fast pairing, search and connect Bluetooth with your phone and in a matter of seconds, you are in your music world
  • With a convenient and portable charger, not only it will charge your headphones, but it can also charge your smartphones
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
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Bluetooth Sports Earbuds Wireless Earphones

Get these Bluetooth sports earbuds that will keep you motivated on your workout. When you are at the gym, you need some music to encourage yourself to do more. It will be hard to do some exercises with no background music. Upbeat music motivates you when you are doing your jogging. You need some music so it won’t be tedious while you do some running outdoors. Above all, you will be able to enjoy your workout when you listen to your favorite music. You can even sing along to your all-time favorites using these earphones. Get these earbuds for yourself, and let these wireless earphones be your fitness buddy. With these pairs, you can say goodbye to annoying wires that give you a hard time. These Bluetooth sports earbuds are convenient to use when you do your sports activities.

Waterproof and Wireless

Music and sporty lovers are going to love these Bluetooth sports earbuds. Being wireless, you will be able to do your workout without worrying about its wire. It has CVC8.0 noise reduction and a powerful 5.0 Bluetooth chip. Plus, with its powerful bass, you can surely immerse yourself in a world full of lively and wonderful music. With this pair of Bluetooth earphones, you can enjoy your music anytime and anywhere. Start your day right and let these earbuds help you keep fit and healthy. As you exercise, you can listen to some music that will inspire you to do more exercise.

Portable Charger For Your Smartphone

These Bluetooth sports earbuds are not your ordinary earphones. It comes with a charging box that won’t only charge your earbuds. But you can also use it to charge your smartphones. When you are running low on your cellphone battery, don’t worry about it. Use the charging box for your phone, and you won’t have to deal with an empty battery.

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