Bicycle Electric Alarm With Remote Control Vibration


  • It is a small device that you can easily attach to your bike’s frame. When activated, it picks up vibrations and triggers an alarm when there is movement from the bicycle
  • This alarm uses 9 volts battery, it is easy to install and it fits all types of bicycles
  • The remote has a simple on and off button; Click the red button to activate the alarm and the grey button to deactivate it


Bicycle Alarm with Remote Control

Bicycles, just like vehicles and motorcycles need an alarm system too! This bicycle alarm with its own remote control is just the right tool for you. This bike alarm is very easy to install. You need one 9V battery for the alarm itself. It is pretty simple to install and it works with all types of bicycles. You just have to attach it to your bike’s frame, handle, or to the pipe just below the saddle of your bicycle. Moreover, this alarm has its own remote control just like the one you have for your car. So, when you leave your bicycle in a public place, switch on the alarm by clicking on the red button. To deactivate the alarm, click the grey button.


This alarm is an anti-theft device for your bicycles. It is a relatively small device that picks up signals and vibrations on the bicycle. Moreover, when the alarm is activated, a movement of the bicycle will trigger a loud alarm from the device. This alarm releases more than 105 decibels of sound! So, passersby and security personnel in the area can take action. This bike alarm is waterproof so you can use it even when you park your bike in an area where there is no shade.

Easy to Install

This bike alarm has a universal fitting. It fits on all types of bikes and bike frames. Each package comes with the main bike alarm, an alarm remote control, a hook for the remote, four screws and two bolts to mount the alarm. To install the alarm, attach it to the body of the bike on its frame, handlebar, or to the pipe under the saddle. After that, attach the two screws and lock it with its safety knob to secure the alarm to the bicycle.


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