Dog Ball Launcher Interactive Fetch

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  • The product comes with 6 tennis balls
  • Interactive fetch ball launcher that launches tennis balls from the front-side
  • It has three section launch control so you can control the distance where the ball lands
  • You can also use it cord-free by installing six AA batteries
  • Light and easy to transport

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They say every dog knows how to make a human happy, but not every human knows how to make a dog happy. We love our doggos and puppers, and ideally, we always want to make sure they are as happy as they could be.

Dog Ball Launcher Interactive Fetch

Pets, most especially dogs need exercise so they’ll stay healthy. That is why it is very ideal that you spend time playing with them outdoors. Among all the games that you can play with your pets, the best one is playing fetch with them. Playing fetch will allow your dogs to run and move their leg muscles. Moreover, they can also exercise their whole body while they run and fetch the ball. This dog ball launcher is an automatic ball fetch machine. It launches tennis balls in the air so your dog can fetch it. You can just sit back and relax while your dogs play outdoors. You’ll never hurt your back ever again by stooping down to pick up tennis balls. You get to enjoy the afternoon, while your dog gets their much-needed playtime. So, it’s a win-win for you and your best friend!

Interactive Fetch Machine

Are you tired to play fetch with your dogs but you still want to give them the best exercise? Then, worry no more, because this dog ball launcher is here to save the day! Gone are the days when you have to pick up the ball yourself. Now, here’s an instant ball launcher that your dogs will surely enjoy! You can now play fetch with several dogs at a time! This launcher launches tennis balls that your dogs will fetch. This launcher has a plug port which is ideal if you use it indoors. However, if you prefer to use it outdoors, you can use six AA batteries.

Easy to Use

This machine launches a ball from the side only. It’s complete with a three-section distance launch control. So, you control the distance where it lands. The options are 3 meters, 6 meters, and 9 meters. All adjustable by one button.

9 reviews for Dog Ball Launcher Interactive Fetch

  1. Anna

    The dog sooo liked it! came quickly. Order, will not regret

  2. Peter

    Works great, puppy loves that. Seller communicates fast (replacement balls).

  3. Alex

    The product corresponds to the description, delivery by courier to the house

  4. Chris

    Super. Better than I thought.

  5. Emily

    The dog is delighted!!! I advise everyone, we learn to charge the balls)) delivery by courier straight to the house!! came for 2 weeks!! store Thank you very much!))

  6. Tommy

    Delivery by courier is fast, the goods are perfectly packed. Everything works. I recommend.

  7. Sarra

    Great toy for a dog.

  8. Jack

    Toy Super, great size for Westie (West Highland White Terrier)!!! Came in a durable packaging, without a box! Delivery less than a month by azexpress (they called and agreed on a convenient day for us. But it was necessary all day to be home, because. The interval with which delivery was carried out was from 9.00-18.00)!!! In the kit there are: 3 balls (less tennis), a cable, an adapter for a euro bed and an instruction! Before throwing the ball a little buzzes (gently), but the dog is not afraid, but looks with interest! The only thing that will need to be taught to put the ball in the toy! The dog is delighted! I recommend to buy!

  9. Melken

    Přišlo brzy, skvělá hračka pro Naše mazlíčky. Děkuji

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