Anti-Moist Waterproof Side Mirror Sticker


  • It’s universal for every mirror size.
  • A special film that’s waterproof, oilproof, and fog-proof, scratch-resistant, anti-glare, and anti-reflective.
  • The self-adhesive film is easy to install on your side mirror, seamless, and gives you a clear vision of your side mirror.
  • Prevents smudges from fingers and dust.
  • Gives the driver a clear view even when it’s raining or snowing.
  • Help prevent road accidents that result from obstructed vision.
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It’s very important to have 100% clear vision when you are driving. However, sometimes rain, snow, and fog can blur your side mirrors making it unsafe for driving. This Anti-Fog Film is a special sticker that you install on your side mirrors. It’s waterproof, oilproof, and fog-proof. This special film also scratch-resistant, anti-glare, and anti-reflective. A must-have for every driver on the road!

Anti Fog Films Rainproof Sticker 8pcs

Most road accidents happen when its raining or storming. It is because rain causes the road to be slippery. And slippery roads almost always cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles especially when they are driving at full speed. Moreover, strong rains also limit the driver’s vision, and fog on rearview mirrors add to the danger of driving under the rain. These anti-fog films are safety car stickers that prevent rearview mirrors to fog. It also helps the rainwater slide off so it does not stay in the mirror. Rainwater limits the driver’s vision, so it is important to keep it off your mirror. Every car should have these fogs films installed, after all, it is for the safety of your family too. With each package, you will get 8 pcs of fog films: four rectangle ones, and four oblong ones.

Safety Accessory

Road safety should always be everyone’s priority. Anti-fog films are specially designed to keep the mirrors free from fog and water that usually block the driver’s vision when it’s raining. Road accidents happen in split seconds, so you should not take chances. Make safety your priority, you’ll thank yourself later on that you did.


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