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  • Gadgets

    Spy Cam Mini Pen Camera

    • Not only used for writing but it also has a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with HD camera which can be used to capture / produce high resolution photos and video.
    • High definition DVR with voice lets.
    • Playback video on your PC, Easy connection with PC or Laptops, no additional driver needed.
    • Easy to use “One …
  • Cars

    Suction Cup Dent Puller Car Repair

    • Repair your car dents effortlessly using this suction cup dent puller
    • Save money from expensive car repair services and repair your car in a single pull
    • Strong suction and durable handle that can support your strength
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    Phone Accessories

    Magnetic Phone Charger

    • This Magnetic Lightning Cable is a fast-charging phone charger that is safer than others
    • It has a magnetic function so users can charge their phone while using only one hand
    • The cord has an anti-tangle function since it can be rotated to a full 360-degrees
  • Photograph

    Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Phone Tripod

    • Take better selfies with your phone using this selfie stick stand that can bend in 180-degrees
    • The handle of the selfie stick can turn into a tripod stand, it also has a chic design and is portable
    • It has a Bluetooth remote shutter and has high compatibility with smartphones
  • Home

    Digital Alarm Clock With Music Player

    • LED digital display.
    • Time, date, and temperature are displayed on the same screen.
    • Temperature display, convertible between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
    • Built-in 2000MAH battery, no need to reset after switching power supply mode/power failure, but the screen does not display.
    • 24 hours/12 hours conversion.
    • 40 alarm music to choose.
    • The alarm volume can be adjusted manually.
    • LED five-level brightness can …
  • Kitchen

    Round Disc LED Light Up Coaster

    • A thin, disc-like Light Up Coaster with built-in LEDs that flash bright and colorful lights, a disco in your glass!
    • Elegant and transparent, this coaster lights up your drink that amplifies your guests’ experience with their liquors.
    • It has a touch-sensitive power button on the center for easy on and off.
    • It’s seamless and the button is concealed under …
  • Home

    Handheld Plastic Sandpaper Holder

    • You can count on this Sand Paper Holder to help you finish your projects, repairs, and other works.
    • It provides you with a safe and comfortable grip as you work with sandpaper to polish the surfaces and edges of materials.
    • Simply place the sandpaper inside the tool and use it to scrub areas you want to polish.
    • It is …
  • Gaming , PC

    Mechanical Gaming RGB Keyboard

    Enjoy better gaming and typing experience with this RGB keyboard that has millions of downloadable light effects available.

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  • Cars

    Car Air Fresher

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